Superb Quality With Superb Protection

Lumiani Carrigan Extra Wide Calf

Miz Mooz Jennifer Wide Calf

Born Addison Wide Calf

Larger women have certain fears especially concerning their looks. While many believe larger legs or wider calves are due to sheer physical size, this is not always true. You can have a big calf simply because you have strong leg muscles. You can also have a big calf simply because you are just so physically fit. For superb quality with superb protection for your feet and legs, the recommended footwear is boots for wide calves. They are designed specifically with you in mind. Those legs and wide calves are in good hands with the footwear.

Covering Up is Easy as A-B-C

Wide calves look great with this footwear. Covering up is easy, easy as ABC. The footwear is designed in such a way as to make your large calf slimmer. It covers up easily those larger legs and those strong leg muscles. You will be utterly surprised at how your legs will look. They will long slimmer and longer, thanks to wide calf riding boots. They are the perfect cover up. Whatever your attire is, or whatever your apparel, they perfectly cover those wider calves, beautifully and fashionably. So, what are you waiting for? Cover those legs the easy way.

Fitting Perfectly is All There

The covering up, would all come to waste if you have problems with the fit, but not so with this footwear. They are designed with superb quality and this includes a perfect fitting for your feet. They are neither too tight nor too loose for your feet. The perfect fitting also includes a perfect fit for your calves. The design incorporates of two either state-of-the-art materials; elastic supports or adjustable calf adjusters. Both elastic supports and adjustable calf adjusters all have one purpose, to see to it that you do not encounter problems with your feet as well as your calf.

Special Protection is Also There

Aside from incorporating something for your calf, there is more to this footwear than meets the eye. Designers have placed a special elastic gore inside the shoe. This allows your feet to experience more comfort even when standing or walking for long periods of time. This special material is absent in most footwear. If ever it is present, it is not as elastic or as special as the one used here. Your footwear gives you that special protection. The protection translates to this; better blood circulation for your feet, as well as do away with feet irritation.

Superb quality with superb protection; this is what you get with boots for large calves, nothing more, nothing less. With this kind of benefit, who would not want to grab a pair right away? This footwear is a real winner, designed specifically for you. It covers your large calves with grace, letting your calves look slimmer and taller. You get a rather perfect fit for your feet and legs, and a perfect support for your calves with the elastic supports. You also get a special kind of protection through a special elastic gore inside the shoe. With wide shaft boots, you are a winner.

Mixing and Matching Your Wide Calf Boots

Good thing about having wide calf boots is that you have a variety of options as to how you would like to be fashionable. You can mix and match your boot and your clothes as well as matching accessories and bags. Note that boots are flexible materials when it comes to fashion and so it will be able to compliment your get up. Also, remember that your wide calf boots compliment not all get ups. Sometimes, the footwear that you choose insult them.

You can always wear jeans while wearing your boots. Whether you wear skinny jeans or jeans with flare, you will still be able to pair that with boots. If you wear skinny jeans, you have the option to tuck in the pants under the boots. It your boot does not reach mid calf, it is still ok. You can just let everything as it is. Just make sure that you know what to emphasize. If you want to emphasize your boots, tuck in the pants and arrange the lining of the boots in such a way that people can see it. If you want to emphasize your pants, make sure that the boots is under your pants. Arrange the lining in such a way that it will not bulge and over power your pants. Flare is really nice to pair with boots. They must be under the flare since flares take up a lot of space compare to your footwear.

Skirts also look good with boots. However, not all skirts will look good with tall boots. Miniskirts usually look good with knee-high- as well as thigh-high boots. It really looks better if you have a high-heeled boot. It will make your feet look longer and will give your calves legroom when you move around. If you don't have knee-high or thigh-high boots, you can still look fabulous with mid calf and ankle booties. You can show off the beauty of your legs and the fairness and the smoothness of your skin if you wear ankle or mid calf footwar together with your miniskirts. If you are not comfortable in showing off skin you can always have a pair of leggings under your miniskirt. These leggings should compliment your miniskirt so that it will also compliment the wide width boots.

You can never go wrong with pairing shorts and boots. You can wear whatever length you have and still look good in it. It would look even better if you wear shorts that are half the length of your thigh. Your shorts can be tattered, camouflage shorts, formal shorts, and even short shorts. You can pair these with either an ankle-, a mid calf-, a knee-high- or even a thigh-high boot. It will still look good. There are certain combinations of shorts and leggings that really look good. If you have short legs, you should wear shorts paired with ankle boots. However, if you are long legged, you can pair your shorts with wide calf knee-high boots.

While your boots are protecting you from the elements and giving you comfort, you will still look fashionable. You just need to mix and match your boot with your wardrobe. Even with wide calf boots, you can still look fashionable and trendy.